About #ME - Blog

Many people have commented very nice things about my blog so I thought I collect some comments and add them here in this page 🙂 Thank you guys for your ongoing support!

Doni W– you seek to motivate and inspire.

Your unique blogging style brings your topics to life

and I appreciate that.  Thank you for being who you are

and sharing your insight.


“Agreed Doni!! Your quotes are

always amazing and right on!”


“She has really thought-provoking quotes on her

blog and I encourage you to check it out”

@jess Wen

“You sound wonderful and

write amazing quotes”


“Doni’s blog is very inspirational with quotes

that are thought provoking and 

doesn’t fail in making you feel stronger”

–  @Abhijit

“You seem like an interesting person.

And you got a nice collection of quotes here.

Keep it up.”


“Your blog is so neat, and awesome

and has many views!”


“Such eye drawing titles and pictures.

I could write a book for a lot of your titles.”


“Yes absolutely agree 100% with your great words”