To Whom it may concern,

This is my personal blog where I share a variety of content especially quotes which are technically my thoughts – symbolising my experiences, views and influences. You will find images, information and numerous other content in this blog. Most of the content in this blog is written or created by me. If a certain image, information or any other content is not my own work, I will try my best to accurately reference it wherever it is used in my blog. This may be in the form of a website link. Everything else, unreferenced are my own work. I mainly use the design tool – Canva to design most of the images in this blog. Canva has provided users free images to add to each Canva design, I have used these provided free images in my blog. If you like to use or share my content, please send me a email (located in Contact) to grant permission.

Kind regards,

Doni W (Blog Owner)