I’m Doni W (for short) and I am a quote enthusiast. A couple of years ago, when I was overseas I decided to write my own quotes. Now one of my hobbies is writing my own quotes which express many things about myself including my experiences, influences and thoughts. This blog contains quotes written by me and I hope these quotes have a positive effect on you. I will occasionally post content which may not be related to quotes like articles, gif posts, guest posts, collaborations, awards, annoucements etc. This blog over the months have become pretty diverse and is not limited to quotes – hope you like this! 😛 By the way, I officially started this blog on the 19th of January, 2017. Check out my first blog post here.


Many nice people have nominated awards to me and some of them are mentioned below. Unfortunately, I am unable to list all the awards I received because I lost track of it 😦 Apologies for this – regardless, thank you so much for the people who have nominated me awards for my blog! 🙂