#life 👋

#life 👋

“The mind is the circuit – it determines everything you do. It can instruct the body to stop breathing or instruct the body to give”


9 thoughts on “#life 👋

  1. Yes!! It all starts in our minds. If you think positively your life is postitive as well. And if you think negatively you will have a negative view on life in general . Great post ❤ ❤
    Btw, i accidentally deleted your sweet comment on my inspirational thoughts post, excuse me. But I did reply ❤

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    1. Hi MyThoughts 😀
      Right you are – what we think can determine everything in life. A pure clean and happy mind can cause many benefit to oneself 🙂
      Thank you for your nice comment!
      LOL that’s fine! It happens 😛 I understand, don’t worry about it 🙂
      OMG today I finished my last exam – it went horrible LOL HAHA :p

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      1. Oh don’t worry about that last exam. I always do bad on my last exam. You are done so congratulations. You can finally relax. ❤ Enjoy

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      2. You are welcome my Dear. Forget about, thinking wont change anything. “the present time should be focused”- Doni LOL hahah

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      3. Awww looool haha you know there was a quote which I wrote months back technically “easy to teach others but not easy to teach oneself!” I advise others but I might not be able to do it myself haha :p thanks fir the reminder, gorgeous 🙂


      4. Ok this is OFFICIALLY my favourite quote. Because when i was writing to you, I was thinking about the fact that I don’t stay positive in those situations either. 🙂

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