#greed 🍟

#greed 🍟

“We are born greedy – attached to our five senses. We get attached to what we see, to what we hear, to what we feel, to what we smell and to what we taste. We have greed in us – even without us knowing! It is important to understand that no matter how much you try to satisfy this ‘senses’ – in nature they can never be satisfied. Remembered the time you brought something which you always wanted? Once you brought and used it, are you 100% satisfied? Were you satisfied to the point you won’t look at anything else? I doubt it 😛 Once we get something, our nature is to look at something we don’t have and the cycle of greed continues!”


12 thoughts on “#greed 🍟

    1. Thank you, Megala 🙂
      Thank you so much for the likes – there was so many! 😀 That is very sweet of you, I think your likes made a record for my blog – from 49 likes in one day to 50 likes in one day! Thank you! haaha 😛

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      1. Hi Doni,

        How are you?!
        Hope that you did well in your exams in the past few days, as i understand your situation that you were so busy for that reason.

        I would like to thank straight from the heart for being nominated by you. Therefore, I am honored to accept this award from such a kind person like you. As i will Let you know that I will work on it today, once I am done from it I will let you know so that you have a look on it. 🌹Doni!

        Yours truly,

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      2. Hi Hussein! 🙂 It is my pleasure! Thank you, I’m okay, finished exams = so glad! BTW, there is no rush, you can do this post whenever you are free 🙂
        Kind regards,


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