100+ Likes in One Day! 😱

100+ Likes in One Day! 😱

That is just wow! Today I so far recieved 107 likes – that is not normal! I don’t think I had this much stats for one single day! Thank you guys! Thought I share this with you before I head off 😛


It was a rough day for me (emotionally) and being online made it less unbearable. I thank you guys for making wordpress a positive experience for me. You guys are a lovely bunch of people. I appreciate your existence! 😀 Giving a like, comment or a follow contributes to my positivity! 😀

Kind regards,


Psssttt… got my last exam on friday and I’m good to go for hoilday! XD


12 thoughts on “100+ Likes in One Day! 😱

  1. I’m glad you’e able to go for the summer doni! Going anywhere exciting? All I know is that my grandmother from Japan is coming to America, and that my birthday is on a Tuesday. I wish it was on a weekend tho..
    But I hope you have a bright summer!

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    1. Hi Maya! Thank you so much! In the hoildays my best friend is coming over for a sleepover, that’s proably it – the most interesting thing that will happen in my hoildays! That’s great, that will be fun to have your grandma with you! 🙂 Hope you have a great birthday filled with gifts and smikes 🙂


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