#jealousy ❌

#jealousy ❌

“Jealousy doesn’t make your stronger, it makes you weaker and distant from success”


16 thoughts on “#jealousy ❌

      1. I know right! WordPress is a great place – my followers are a great bunch, very understanding and polite people! 🙂 Nice ‘virtually’ meeting you and all the best for your blogging career 🙂

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    1. Hi 3rdofthe3rd! I understand, me too! When I was small I would get jealous for the most lamest things! I still have jealousy in me but I try to avoid such thoughts because they are not benefical at all! Thanks for your comment, wish you all the best! ❤

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    1. Right you are Eirini! 😀 Jealousy can cause so many conflict in society today! Unfortunately people don’t think as sweetly as you about this 😦 People these days are blind due to ignorance and be jealous regardless of the damage they can cause! Sigh… 0_0

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    1. Hey Bel! Thank you for stopping by! 😛 Jealousy won’t contribute to success at all, I developed this quote thinking of that. When one is jealous of other people’s wealth, they won’t grow because their intentions are envious and are not positive!

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